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Need an extra push to grow your existing business or get a new idea off the ground? Let me help you reach your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Business Coaching?

Business Coaching offers one-to-one support, aiming in a very practical sense at helping a person or business be more successful.

A Business Coach also addresses attitudes, behaviours and knowledge, as well as skills – generally looking forward significantly more than it analyses the past.

Business Coaching helps you to find your own solutions, rather than
prescribing them.

How Do I Know if Business Coaching Is Right for Me?

Professional coaching brings many wonderful benefits: fresh perspectives on personal challenges, enhanced decision-making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence.

Do You Only Work With Established Companies?

No, if you have an idea, we can go through it together. Often by using a coach the way forward becomes clear. I can also assist with all the legal requirements.

Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?

Yes, I am here to walk with you on your journey to success.