Tax Practitioner Services

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How can a Tax Practitioner help me?

Have you done your tax return? Stressed about it and need help? Contact us for advice from professional tax practitioners and consultants you can trust. We help with the following

Individual Tax
Your tax returns should not have to be complicated or confusing. Let us take the stress out of tax by filing your returns and audits on your behalf

Handle Audit
SARS audits check if things are done correctly, to verify the validity and amount of the claim. If they are not happy, they will simply disallow claims and issue assessments.

Handle Objection
Getting an Objection wrong can mean that the assessment is final and nothing can be done within SARS’s rules

Penalty Negotiation
SARS issues penalties when returns are not submitted, or filed late. However penalties can be negotiated by your experienced Tax Practitioner and reduce the stress of managing your taxes


A media release from SARS media release dated 29 June 2022 states that:

“This year, over 3 million individual non-provisional taxpayers, have been auto-assessed by SARS and will not have to file a tax return if they are satisfied with the outcome.”

“The introduction of auto-assessments, among other enhancements this year, is in line with SARS’ journey of building a smart, modern revenue service with unquestionable integrity, trusted and admired by all.”

We broadly support this technology-driven initiative to fast-track and streamline the tax assessment process, which will lead to faster collection and increased revenue.
We however also recognise that it might cause some concern for Tax payers.

The implication of auto-assessments should not be a daunting prospect as they are only a preliminary assessment that gives taxpayers and Tax Practitioners the opportunity to review and amend their tax information.
We encourage taxpayers to support this process by contacting their Tax Practitioner as soon as – or before – they receive an auto-assessment as a Tax Practitioner can ensure that tax calculations are optimised and based on complete information.



What is a Tax Practitioner?

“A Tax Practitioner assists clients with completing Tax returns and providing tax Advice “

The Tax Administration Act (section 240) requires that every person (except certain groups specifically excluded), that either

  • Provides advice to another person with respect to the application of a Tax Act or

  • Completes or assists in completing a tax return on behalf o another

Must register as a Tax Practitioner with the South African Revenue Service (SARS), and a Registered Controlling Body (e.g. SAIBA )

Only registered tax practitioners are allowed to advise clients on their tax affairs or complete Tax returns, for a fee.

As a Registered Controlling Body with SARS, SAIBA sets its own admission criteria prior to allowing a designated to be licensed as a Licensed Tax Practitioner

The qualification requirements include :

  • being a designated member of SAIBA

  • relevant subjects in tax

  • relevant experience in tax

  • being tax compliant

  • subject to a code of conduct

  • subject to tac standards of conduct

  • annual tax CPD

In addition SAIBA is required to monitor the conduct of the tax practitioners that they licence

  • Minimum qualifications and experience requirements;

  • Contuing professional education requirements;

  • Code of ethics and conduct;

  • Tax Compliance ;

  • Disciplinary process and procedures

SAIBA Tax Standards

SAIBA is a professional body for accountants and finance executives. Their designations are symbols of quality, commitment, ability and trust. Employers and clients value these characteristics

Standards are the foundations of a profession


Thanks to digitalization, you can now :

  • Consult with your Tax Practitioner on line via a Virtual Meeting or by Smart Phone Whatsapp. This saves a lot of time by avoiding to travel and attend a physical meeting in the office. Not only does the job get done more quickly, but time is money and so there are commensurate savings in Costs

  • Many functions required by SARS can now be done electronically by your Tax Practitioner, thus cutting down the number of visits to the Branch Office, thus also reducing fees to clients

  • Less time wasted on calls to the SARS Call Centre – Tax practitioner have a dedicated extension for their calls

  • Tax Practitioners get preference in the queues at SARS Branch Offices. They also know the ropes when making appointments, so that the matters are dealt with efficiently with minimum waste of time.

  • The Tax Practitioner is experienced in tax matters and can give you valuable advice on what you can and can’t do

  • The money that you pay in fees is far outweighed by the benefits you will achieve